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Nurses to the


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Coming to America to work is an exciting experience. Many internationally trained nurses tell you that there is lots of way for registered nurses to improve their skills and professional experience by working in the US hospitals. 

CPEUSAI provides a wide range of programs for nurses to find out nursing opportunities in the USA. CPEUSAI has a strong alliance with prestigious hospital in the U.S.A.  We have Immigration lawyers in different countries that have processed hundreds of successful candidates. CPEUSAI properly evaluates individual client qualifications, keep up with changing immigration laws and assess clients complex immigration needs.

CPEUSAI offers, successful applicants with free agency, immigration, and lawyers fee. Free assistance for NCLEX-RN application. Free assistance for travel arrangements to U.S. territories (Guam/Saipan) to take NCLEX-RN. Free 3-4 weeks living. accommodation upon arrival to U.S. Free assistance in obtaining U.S. SS# and pre-employment health screening.

Immigrant Visa. Employment Based Immigrant visa/I-140, this type of visa will allow you to live or work in the United States. The average processing time is 8-10 months, it may vary with the USCIS. Working Visa/H1B takes 2-3 months also depends with the USCIS and your credentials. 

CPEUSAI will commence immigrant visa processing upon completion of the following documents. Please submit notarized copies.

1. CGFNS Certificate / NCLEX-RN certificate

2. Visascreen Certificate 

You will need to have passed any of these English tests to obtain a Visascreen IELTS,TOEFL, or TOELC

3. Nursing Diploma / Degree

4. Active RN license in home country

5. Transcript of Records

6. Birth Certificate

7. Copy of passport

8. Certificate of employment (if any)

9. 4x4 colored picture

10. Recent resume

11. Applicants with dependents: Spouse or children below 21 years old. Submit your marriage certificate and their birth certificate.

The Hospital Offers:

1.Competitive Salary

2. Retirement/Pension plans

3. Paid Vacation/Holiday

4. Paid Sick Leave

5. Continuing Education Programs

6. Health Insurance Plans

7. Premium Working Conditions

8. Recruitment Bonus (depends with the hospital)

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