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    We, CHRISTINE PARIS ENTERPRISES USA INC.,  US licensed International Recruitment and Immigration Assistance Services, with our sister company, SAMPAGA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY, licensed and based in the Philippines, are pleased to offer our services in helping you recruit highly qualified Nurses, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and other professional staffs from foreign countries, mainly the Philippines and India, to fill at least some of your personnel vacancies. 

 As you are doubtless aware, the Philippines and India would be a very good source for many of your personnel requirements, since we have many bachelor’s degree professionals in the mentioned allied health personnel and other skilled workers. Moreover the commonly tri-lingual, English speaking population and highly literate over 95% literacy rate) the facts that have made hundreds of American Multinational companies(e.g. Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Citibank, Accenture, Dell, American Express, Federal Express, Flour Daniels, etc.) they choose to locate their call centers and business process outsourcing operation in these countries. 

  Many US hospitals-like John Hopkins, Eva Care Group, HCA, Maxim Healthcare Services, Worldwide health staff Associate, Ltd., Blue Heron Consulting, etc., regularly recruit nurses from the Philippines and India. As for our agencies, we are currently recruiting nurses for HCA facilities in Miami& Palm spring General Hospital in Hialeah Florida. We also deploy nurses and other professionals like medical doctors, teachers, engineers and lawyers to Australia and the United Kingdom. The process essentially starts with our registering your firm as an accredited Principal of our company. You will then provide us with a formal “Job Order” or “Shopping List”, indicating the numbers of nurses, physical therapists and other personnel needed, the respective specialties, and the qualification required. We will then gather the personnel with the requisite qualifications and experience either from our existing database or from responses to specific newspaper ads. We carefully pre-screen these personnel and put together a group that meet your specifications. 

  For NURSES, to be able to qualify for the Employment Based Immigrant Visa Petition (I-140), He/she should either passed the CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Examination, this agency provides statements analyzing the education and licensure of each applicant earned outside the USA presented in terms of US comparability or the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensing Examination) for Registered Nurses. A nurse has to passed this examination in order to practice nursing legally in the United States and to obtain the full benefits of a registered nurse. NCLEX-RN can only be taken in the United States and its territories, now including Hong Kong, India, Korea, Japan in Asia, if the candidate had passed the NCLEX-RN examination, then upon arrival in the United States the nurse is ready to work as a RN. Applicant has to pass the English language test, either the TOEFL, TSE and TWE; TOEIC or the IELTS exam which is administered in Manila, Philippines and in India 2-3 times a month by the British Council and IDP Education Australia.

 We will assist each selected highly skilled candidate to complete his or her requirements. After we gather all the legal documents we will have you review their qualifications then our company’s immigration lawyers will complete the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) Form I-140 for each selected candidate, duly filled up with the information about the “Visa Sponsoring Company” which is your hospital, we will be needing some information about your facility(current revenue, date of establishment, number of active employees, bed capacities and the name of the person responsible of signing the Immigration papers.) then we will send the forms for the responsible officer of your institution to sign. Each application requires a filing fee and legal fee. 

  In due time, we will received a notice from the USCIS, an acknowledgement receipt of the application for each applicant. This notice will inform us that the request will be processed within the maximum 275 working days; the processing is usually earlier than the aforesaid days and depending on the USCIS. When the USCIS issues its notice of approval of a particular visa application, our immigration lawyer will received a packet (called packet 4). This packet contains instructions for the final steps, such as the medical exam and required immunization. There are other documents that are definitely required from the applicant for the final review.1.) The job offer from your facility,2.)The visa screen certificate from the ICHP,3.)Results of the medical exam, 4.) NBI/Police clearance.

Pursuant to instructions contained in the aforesaid packet 4,an interview is scheduled for the applicant at the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines or India. After the interview (if the visa is approved) the visa will be mailed to the applicant in 10 working days. We will then arrange for the travel of the successful candidates to the United States, employment site at the soonest possible time.

If you have any questions regarding the foregoing process, please e-mail us and we will respond immediately. Except for the specific examinations required, the process is essentially the same for the recruitment of Physical/Occupational Therapist, Teachers and other skilled professional workers. 



We will advertise in various Philippine and Indian medias (newspapers, televisions, radio stations) wherein we will invite candidates with the sponsor’s required qualifications to apply for the open positions.


All applicants will be carefully pre-screen and interviewed by my recruitment staffs and myself. Psychometric and other tests may be administered as may deem necessary for the position being filled. Following all these pre-screening process, it will be part of our responsibility to collect and assemble all the required documents from the applicants, for you our lawyers to commence the visa processing.


Our immigration lawyers are US graduates and licensed, they have vast experience in this field and had processed hundreds of successful candidates. As soon as we do the final selections of highly qualified candidates, our lawyer will complete the I-140 forms or the Employment Based Immigrant Visa Petition, application forms. We will have you provide us with an employment contract for the employee, that indicates the hourly salary rate, sign-on bonus, shift differentials, years of contract (minimum is 2 years) and other merit increase commensurate with Employee’s experience, skill, or length of services. We will also need your hospital’s information namely: the latest financial statement/revenue, bed capacity, active employees and the name and position of the person responsible for signing the employment based visa petition. After both parties signed the contract our lawyer will submit all the completed documents to the USCIS. At this point the legal fee and immigration filing fees are required for each candidate. 


We will assist each candidate in the application and preparation of their required exams, FCCPT for Physical Therapist, NCLEX-RN for Nurses, etc and the English language test. 


We will process all paperwork’s necessary for the successful applicants to deploy to their specific work locations in the United States. Our sister company in the Philippines will assist each candidate with their passport, visa, pre-employment medical exams, and will assist them make the necessary travel arrangements. We will also give them a pre-employment orientation seminar if necessary to attune them to the cultural and new working environment. Filipinos and Indians are known to be flexible, skillful, wise, quick to learn, and willing to work for long hours. 


 We will maintain regular contact with all the personnel we placed and we are prepared to assist, at your instance, in setting any problem that may occur in integrating the applicant in the new work environment. We screen, evaluate, register and lawfully bring the nurses and other staffs to the United States. They will be directly employed to their employer when they arrived. 

For your reference and study, we are including all the expenses involved in recruiting, visa processing and deploying nurses or other professionals to the United States. These include legal, immigration, and recruitment fees, US Employers typically absorbed these expenses Involved, either in the form of, 20% initial payment, or lump sum within 30 days the Registered Nurse’s first day of employment. We can always negotiate the actual recruitment fee package and the terms of payments. 

If this proposal is of interest, we would like to suggest as a next step, that we discuss and finalize a Manpower Recruitment Agreement that will govern the terms of our relationship. I am willing to travel, to visit your facility and meet with you in person. I can be reached by my cellular phone #305-338-4008/9629 (anytime), or via e-mail at     

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