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To work in the Australia you need to be registered with the Board of Nursing in the state or territory you wish to practice in the board will assess your qualification and issue registration number.

You may be required to do the IELTS or the OET. You may also be required to undertake a clinical assessment to demonstrate your ability to function as a registered nurse or certified midwife. The assessment is usually for 8-12 weeks. In such instances, the board would grant temporary registration is granted for a period not exceeding 12 month. You can enter Australia on a work visa or as an immigrant.

Requirements for Nurses

 *Diploma or degree

    *Transcript of records

*Complete and current resume with job descriptions

*Training Certificates (if applicable)

*IELTS passing score

*Birth certificate

*Certificate of employment

*Professional license (varies on degree)

*Copy of passport

*4 2x2 colored pictures

*Nurses needs to register with the Australian Board of Nursing Council

*NBI or Police clearance

Employment Benefits:

. Work Visa

. Salary of $33,000 to $45,000 per annum     (16%-20%, more for shift allowance)

. Standards industry benefit

. Subsidized accommodation provided

. 6 week paid accommodation

. Leave entitlements and workers compensation insurance

Migration to Australia:

Australia has an acute shortage of nurse and foreign registered nurses can apply as primary applicants for immigration.

The process time will be 9 to 18 months. A skills assessment is required prior to filling the immigrant petition.

Advantage of Migration to Australia:

Become a Australian citizen and avail of standard migrant benefits.

* Don't worry about employer sponsor ship or visa expiration

* No contact issues

* Find a job at your own pace

* Take you family along with you

* Your spouse is permitted to work legally

* Your children can avail public education and better opportunities

* Cost of living is inexpensive

* Excellent quality of life.

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