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About Us

 Christine Paris Enterprises USA Inc. is owned and operated by Ms.Christine Paris  RN, BSN attended her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in Saint Louis University & Lyceum Northwestern University. She is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and in the United States. She grew up in a business oriented family. She came to the USA with working visa after completing and passing all the immigration requirements, so she is familiar with the entire immigration legal issues. Christine paris Enterprises USA Inc. is licensed and registered in the state of Florida, USA. We have vast experience in International Recruitment, Job Placement Immigration and Overseas Education.

CPEUSAI has a strong alliance with prestigious hospitals in the USA, Educational Institutions in the United Kingdom, NCLEX-RN and IELTS study center in India and Elite Companies in Australia.

CPEUSAI have Immigration lawyer and Associates in USA, UK, Australia, India and Philippines and that have processed hundreds of successful candidates.

CPEUSAI properly evaluates individual client qualification, providing necessary training, keep up with changing immigration laws and assist client complex immigration needs.


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